Megaversal Palladium Character Sheets

Posted: March 16, 2010 in DX's Rifts Character Sheets


Player Sheets (v1.7 Final)
Preview & Download
A 2 Page character sheet with an emphasis on organization, simplicity, yet complete information coverage. Includes optional addon pages for Magic, Vehicles & Power Armor, Fluff, Cybernetics, and Items of Power. Print only what your character needs! The last character sheet you should ever need for Rifts, BTS, Dead Reign, and any other Palladium game!


Gamemaster Sheets (v1.1 Final)
Preview & Download
New GM sheets to fit this set’s style. Some features: EXP boxes. Easily tick off xp in increments of 25 for quick visual adding. Instead of an area at the bottom for notes, we have the “combat log”, which allows you to more easily keep track of combat.


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